Fight Night Australia starts at the grass roots level using the Victorian Amateur Boxing League and the Fight Sports Association with the aim of getting fighters to a professional level. Fight Night Australia has set up an amateur competition circuit which is perfect for fighters of any level in particular to the new fighters just starting out! Fight Night Australia also promotes mid level professional fight nights right through to international events. We are trying to get much needed experience for Australian fighters so they can take on the World. It all starts with the grass roots low level competitions.

Fight Night Australia was set up by Nick Lundh, a professional fighter and trainer who is a former world middle weight Kickboxing champion. The main purpose of Fight Night Australia is to provide competition opportunities from the low level novice amateur ranks to elite amateurs and then to professional ranks in all the full contact sports mainly in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

No matter the level of the fighters or the clubs involved Fight Night Australia will be able to provide fair, safe and well matched competitions.

Semi Main Event - Mundine versus Ellis