Fight Sports Association

The Fight Sports Association offers competition in boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. It starts with the low level competitions which then progresses to the amateur levels with 3 round fully padded bouts. Experienced competitors will then be classed in the Elite Amateur ranks competing in 4 round competitions.

Registration with the Fight Sports Association

Fighters competing with the Fight Sports Association are required to become registered and obtain annual medicals that include certificate of fitness and a clearance on blood tests. Trainers also need to become registered with the Fight Sports Association and at a minimum pass a Trainer’s competency test.


Fees are only $30.00 annually for Trainers and competitors.


Below are links for all the forms – click on the form required for a PDF


Trainers Membership Form

Registration Form

Certificate of Fitness Form

Blood Test Form


Low level 2 round bouts for the inexperienced or for competitors that don’t wish to continue with competition can register with the following form


Novice Amateur Registration Form

Click below link for proposed Tournament dates

Tournament dates are updated regularly and can change without notice


2017 Tournament Dates

Fight Sports Association Rules


Fight Sports Association Boxing Rules

Fight Sports Association Amateur Kickboxing Rules

Fight Sports Association Amateur Muay Thai Rules

Fight Sports Association MMA Rules