General Low Level Novice Amateur Rules

The below rules are just a basic guide – contact Fight Night Australia for detailed rules


10 Years to 12 Years of age 2 x 1 minute rounds with 30 second break
13 Years to 15 Years of age 2 x 1.5 minute rounds with 30 second break
16 Years of age and over 2 x 2 minute rounds with 30 second break
Please note: Agreements may be reached between Trainers upon length and amount of rounds!


Score System – Uses 20 must point scoring system and fighters are judged upon work ethic, style, skill, techniques used, use of the ring and fighting within the rules.
Winner – Allocated 20 points for the round
Loser – Allocated 18 (or even 19) points for the round if considered close
Or allocated 16 points for the round if beaten considerably or low work rate
Or allocated 15 points for the round if mismatched. In this event referee must be notified to see if fight needs to be stopped or fight level down graded for next round. Please note: If fighting at Level 1, fight does not need to be stopped.
Draw – In the event that the fighters cannot be separated both fighters will be allocated 20 points each for the round.

Levels of Competition

Level 1: No contact to be made in particular to the head. Bouts are judged according to the skill & techniques used, ringcraft etc. This level is purely an introduction into competition and mainly used for bouts with kids but is open to all ages
Level 2: Touch contact. The aim is to hit the opponent lightly in the permitted scoring areas. Fighters are not permitted to try and knock out their opponent and bouts are again judged on skill and techniques use, ringcraft but this time whether strikes have landed.
Level 3: Full contact but must be sanctioned under the specific amateur rules associated with the agreed contest


Warnings – Fighters must fight within the rules allocated and in the event a higher level fighter fights a lower level fighter the lower level’s rule applies. i.e. Level 2 fighter versus level 1 fighter then the rules is no contact at Level 1.
Disqualification – Warnings are at the discretion of the Referee controlling the bout with a maximum of 3 warnings before a fighter must be disqualified. A fighter may be disqualified immediately if the Referee deems the fighter’s action unsportsmanlike or dangerous.


Trainers – Trainers may stop a bout immediately for what ever reason by throwing in a towel. The fighter will then forfeit the match. If desired a protest to the conduct of the bout may be made to the promoter of the competition.
Protests – Trainers may protest any aspects of the competition to Fight Night Australia and must not direct complaints to the referee, judges or officials. Decisions to bouts even incorrect ones must be accepted and then a protest filed after the bout with the appropriate representative. Protests will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Safety Equipment Required

Boxing – Boxing gloves (supplied at the event), head guards, mouth guard, groin guard (males), breast protector (females), and shoes (boxing boots).

Kickboxing/Muay Thai – As above, plus shin-instep protectors. No shoes allowed.

Chest guards optional

Phone Nick Lundh 0417 516 045 or contact us by e-mail for match making and further details